How To Bead On A Loom

I know it’s not easy to figure out how to use a loom, but there are some great tutorials out there. One of the best ones is at

There are so many different types of looms, and I’m afraid you have to actually try 1 or 2 of them before you’ll know which one you like best. I was quite happy with my little wire one with the wooden end pieces for quite a while, but I did have to straighten out the end frames before it was long enough to make bracelets and bookmarks for me and my friends.

This is the first one I had wire-loom-small It was simple to use, and gave me lots of beading and designing practice until I moved up to a similar loom, but bigger. I made most of my early work with size 10/0 Czech seed beads – they have such a huge range of colours!

Paw Prints – in Swarovski crystal!

I love beads and all things beaded! I especially love beading on a loom, and knitting with beads. I’ve been designing and working with beads for over 20 years now, but have just decided to re-vamp my website. I’m going to share my great bead finds with you.

Here’s my first neat find, nicely encompassing my love of dogs, too – Swarovski paw prints! In light gold or hematite, they just need the heat of an iron to activate the glue part.



Puppy paws! Declare that your dog walks all over you! Iron one on over your heart, or make a path of them up one side of a t-shirt. The carrier base is clear – so the fabric colour will show through. These are made with crystal fabric – a hot fix, iron on applique material. It produces a wonderful, fine-grained shimmer.
Instructions: Determine location on garment. Garment should be clean and dry – and if new, washed to remove sizing.
Place a sheet of clean paper inside the garment.
Peel the backing sheet off the decal, place in position, and cover with a sheet of clean paper.
Apply heat with an iron for the recommend time (see chart), pressing firmly downward onto the garment, and NOT SLIDING THE IRON. Press only.
Caution: Decal will be hot. Allow to cool (approx 1-2 mins) and peel off clear carrier sheet.
Turn inside out to wash. Washer and dryer safe. Your Genuine Swarovski Decal should last you many years, quite possibly outlasting the garment.
Size: About 40mm x 40mm